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Darebin Bicycle User Group is one of Melbourne's largest and most active cycling groups.

Social Rides

Darebin BUG runs two weekday rides of distances approximating 40-60km on Tuesdays and 10-20km and up to 90km on Thursdays and a variety of rides of various lengths on weekends.

Information about upcoming rides can be seen on the Darebin BUG Rides Calendar

Information about weekday rides and weekend rides.

The DBUG Rides Planning Committee is looking for people who are interested in arranging and leading a ride, or in gaining leadership experience by co-leading a ride. Ride dates, suggestions and leaders should be coordinated through the Rides Coordinator.

Unless otherwise stated, our rides meet at Jika Jika Community Centre, corner Plant & Union Streets, Northcote near Westgarth train station.

For information about any of these rides, contact the Rides Coordinator, Michael
AH 9482 3276

Please note all rides are free to anyone who would like to participate. After the third ride you take part in, we will invite you to join the BUG. Some rides need train tickets, these are to be bought by the participant. A first aid kit is carried on each ride and emergency contact numbers are taken prior to the start of the ride. Darebin BUG has public liability insurance - please note this does not cover you or your bike. If that is something you're concerned about then best become a member of Bicycle Victoria so you will be covered by their insurance. In the case of an emergency, ride leaders will call an ambulance if required. The ambulance will charge the injured person, not the BUG. This can be very expensive, so it is wise to consider taking out ambulance membership.

Beginners Rides - Tuesday & Thursday rides - Saturday & Sunday rides - Weekend Rides - Around the Bay in a Day
Ride Reports - Ride Photos

Rides for Beginners

Mums (& Dads) on Bikes Rides

Kids in bike seats welcome! Kids in trailers welcome! Kids on training wheels welcome! Kids on tag-a-longs welcome! Kids on own bikes welcome!

Want to ride with your rides for fun, exercise and socialising? Join us on one of our easy rides to one of Melbourne's many child-friendly destinations. Rides take place the first Sunday of every month.

Contact Kathy on 9489 4275 or 0410 667 634 or kbrunning@bigpond.com.

Saturday Port Melbourne Rides

Weekly Saturday rides for those looking for longer easy rides - 9.30am. Ride from Fitzroy to Port Melbourne and back along bike paths, about 20km. Ride Leader: David 9870 1084

More Challenging Rides on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Both are social rides largely on bike trails that conclude around 4 pm. Bring lunch & water.

Tuesday Rides

For experienced riders.

These rides leave from Jika Jika Community Centre, corner of Plant and Union sts, Northcote, at
9.30am. They vary in length from about 40 to 60 km. Contact Norm on 9484 4767 to confirm start time and location.

Thursday Rides

For experienced riders.

These rides leave from Jika Jika Community Centre, corner of Plant and Union sts, Northcote, at

Saturday & Sunday Rides - Varying Distances & Locations

Saturday Training Rides

Departing from Jika Jika at 9:00 am sharp. Various rides, changing monthly, for 4 hrs maximum (except for pre-arranged outings). Rides up to 60 km. 20/25 km per hour average. Bring water and snack. Contact Yannick Vergou at yannickvergou@hotmail.com or mobile no. 043875450.

Saturday & Sunday Social Rides

Some for beginners, others for experienced cyclists.

Occasional Saturdays & Sundays- a diverse program, some rides local and others involving public transport. Contact the Rides Coordinator Michael on 9482 3276 (AH) for more information, or check the Darebin BUG rides calendar.

Weekend Rides

Contact the Rides Coordinator Michael 9482 3276 for more information.

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